UPDATE: Chat with your documents

Introducing the biggest update to Upsum yet. New features, improved performance, free plan and more!

Lengthy documents are always a struggle: unsure where to begin, what to read and how to collect the most important information? We get it, rewriting long articles concisely for a literature review, abstracts or marketing presentations is difficult. With our latest release, we're unveiling new, game-changing features that benefit students, researchers, professionals or anyone who needs to read a lot.

Say hello to the all-new Upsum.io: https://app.upsum.io/chat-with-pdf

1. Chat with your documents 

Find details about any part of your article by using the chatting interface. Just type a question and converse with your file just like you chat with a digital assistant. Get instant answers to your questions based on the document. Ask Upsum to find information, rewrite parts, or discover hidden details. 

2. New Interface

We are introducing a brand-new, clean and modern interface. It allows better organization of your work: your previous summaries are saved and you can continue any time you want. From now on you are not constrained by file formats, we accept any pdf, docx or txt file and of course, you can still paste in text from websites or anywhere else.

3. Longer documents: 

Increased the document length limits to 100 on the free plan and up to 400 pages on higher plans.

4.Free is good

We are introducing a new Free forever plan for documents up to 100 pages. Get all the benefits of our PRO product, all the new features and the same advanced AI algorithm without spending a single penny. In case you need extra features such as exporting summaries or you are working with more articles, you can try the higher tiers. They come with a 3-day free trial. No strings attached, cancel anytime.

How to use Upsum to get the most out of your reading? 

Step 1. Upload your document
Step 2. Read the summaries: available both in bullet points and essay styles.
Step 3. Learn more through chatting
Step 4. Export the summary

Say goodbye to document-related headaches – Upsum is here to revolutionize the way you work with your information. Sign up today and get started for free.